What will you learn?

The theory and practice of detecting security vulnerabilities in blockchain technology

  • Learn the theory behind blockchain at the level of bits and bytes.
  • Learn how to develop a smart contract and upload it to the blockchain network.
  • Learn what are the security flaws in smart contracts and how to detect them.
  • Learn top 10 existing attack vectors in blockchain dApps.
  • Learn how digital wallets work and the different types of wallets available.
  • Learn about attacks on smart contracts in the DeFi field.
  • Learn about Web3.
  • Learn the different types of crypto exchanges and the associated risks.
  • Learn about NFTs and how weaknesses in the platforms were exploited.
  • And more!
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  • 360 Pages
  • Contains exercises and labs
  • Paperbacks book
  • Based on defcon30 Workshop from zero to hero in blockchain security!
  • Written by, Oded Vanunu, Dikla Barda, Roman Zaikin
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Special Discount for our release!


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  • 360 Pages
  • Contains exercises and labs
  • Kindle book
  • Based on defcon30 Workshop from zero to hero in blockchain security!
  • Written by, Oded Vanunu, Dikla Barda, Roman Zaikin
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Some of our latest researches in the news


Researchers find security flaw in Rarible: Users could have lost all their NFTs

“A successful attack would have come from a malicious NFT within Rarible's marketplace, itself, where users are less suspicious and familiar with submitting transactions,” noted Check Point Research.


Scammers using Google Ads to steal $500k of cryptocurrency

Scammers are placing ads at the top of Google Search that imitate popular wallet brands, such as Phantom, MetaMask and Pancake Swap, to trick users into giving up their wallet passphrase and private key. CPR estimates that more than USD$500k worth of crypto was stolen in a matter of days.


Hacking The BLOCKCHAIN: High Volatile And High-Risk

THE ANONYMOUS, unregulated nature of cryptocurrency – which for many is a selling point – is also what makes crypto oh-so-popular with hackers. It is estimated that in 2021, crypto scammers stole around $14 billion in cryptocurrency worldwide.


OpenSea collaborates with Check Point Research to improve NFT security

A vulnerability was brought to our attention that reinforces how important it is to stay informed and follow security best practices while navigating the NFT space–or anywhere online. Thanks to Check Point Research (CPR) and our own independent efforts, the vulnerability was patched and there are no known victims.


Cryptocurrency technology is “the new engine” for cybercrime, says Check Point

“To understand the crypto evolution, you need to look at it from the perspective of the invention of the engine,” said Check Point’s head of product vulnerability research Oded Vanunu. “At the start, it was a bicycle. Then it was a motorcycle, and then it was a small plane, a big plane, a missile, and so on…